Saturday, December 30, 2006


Hussein was executed, supposedly. Doesn't it seem like a fake story? What's odd to me is that he was executed for acts of severe inhumanity and murder, yet so many innocent Iraqis are dying because of Bush. How is one of them right and the other wrong? Just because Bush isn't standing in Baghdad with a machine gun, firing away, doesn't mean I don't blame him for the increase in insurgency, suicide and car bombing and sectarian violence.

A bit of sweet irony: Bush was forced to say something nice about Ford the day after his death, and on that same day, some reporter came out with an interview transcript or whatever stating that Ford was totally anti-Iraq invasion, calling it a BIG MISTAKE and whatnot. Heh. I think that alone cancels out the whole "pardoning of Nixon" blooper. Besides, I sort of find his clumpsy reputation a little endearing. Gerald Ford: Most Likely to Slip on a Banana Peel.


Friday, December 29, 2006

I'm Back, Baby

Well, it's been a while, but, alas, I am back. Hmmm ... where did I leave off? Ah, yes, the Sox were tanking. And they did, in fact, finish in third place. Just as I predicted. I have a feeling about this season, though, reader. Things are equal parts predictable and unpredictable. We are walking that fine baseball offseason line. I mean, the whole Matsuzaka plan was YEARS in the making. YEARS. How could something so expensive, so planned, so carefully kept under wraps turn out to be a bust? I think this guy is going to screw with the Yankees' line up. He's got, what, a million pitches? And from what I gather, they are all executed quite impressively. It will be interesting to watch, at the very least.

The Lugo thing. The jury is still out, but I suppose the additional plate production can't be all that harmful. We all know that there aren't many A-Gons out there and we also had to figure that FO wasn't going to pay him what he demanded, market value-wise. The Red Sox can blame themselves for that. Anyone with talent who comes to the Sox and actually blossoms will enjoy a pretty hefty upgrade in value. The exposure and hype alone will do that. I understand that Lugo had a domestic violence issue in his past and this, naturally, causes me to think a bit more deeply about the addition. Like I said, the jury is out. People to have opportunities for redemption. Look at Tavarez. I can't believe I just wrote that. But I did.

Am I just a little pissed about the whole Pettitte deal? Yes. I am, indeed. I just really admire his skills. Ah, well. If we ever get Vernon Wells, my Pettitte longing will go away. Promise. By the way, why all the t's in his last name?

I do wish you all a wonderful, safe and happy New Year. I will be away for the holiday, but will return in 2007.