Monday, July 27, 2009

Catch Up

I have been neglectful here. Pretty bad gap in writing on ole Gibberish, I must say. Things have been hopping in soap land and most of my postings have been on my business blog and short, random updates on Facebook.


Though I am still getting used to the new routine, after four months things seem a lot more regular. I am a list person, now more than ever. With great freedom comes great scheduling responsibility. Jere just got a full time gig as a proofreader/copyeditor for a computer company, so this will lighten my financial burden a smidge. I have been working a number of markets, getting wedding favor business, and doing wholesale in addition to accepting orders on my website. I am trying to create a number of revenue streams so that I don't have to rely on just one or two. My dream is still to have that storefront, but most of the people I speak to who have stores tell me not to do it. That it isn't worth the additional overhead, etc. I think eventually, I will tire of transporting my store to various locations every week, but for now, it's fun.


We caught Jim Rice's induction on television yesterday afternoon. What a great ceremony! And in typical Jim fashion (no pun intended), he wore a spectacular tie. Congratulations, Jim! No more white knuckle rides - you are in!

Saturday night's victory was much needed. Lester was his usual, dominant self. Even from the bleachers, we could see flames shooting off the ball after he released it. Amazing guy, that Lester. Too bad about yesterday's loss, though. I thought we were on our way to regaining our place at the top of the division. I guess we are back to our usual post-All Star Break struggle. Unfortunately, this is about when the Yankees start heating up.


Speaking of heat, we had the pleasure of attending the city's first water fire event! It happened conveniently after an event I worked on Westminster street at the beginning of the season. They are pretty amazing. If you like fire, by all means go to one of these things.

I feel like I am really bonding with the city. We've been here almost a year now and since going full time with Stella Marie, I have had a lot of opportunities to meet new people. It's a very unique, down-to-earth place. Perfect mix of urban/suburban. We live in the ity, but we have a yard and a garage and a driveway. It's also centrally-located to all the places we visit regularly. The ocean is always near, which is key for us. It is culturally diverse. It has a huge, kickass pulic park where they actually rent kayacks.


Congratulations to ...

... my friend Ilene on her wicked pissa new release of children's music. This time, she has teamed up with her friend Tamara (her first release was with our friend, Steve) to create a bunch of fun kids' songs.

... our friends Anthony and Caitlin who are tying the knot this coming month!

... my friends Lyn and Pete who will be weloming their first child later this year!

... my mom - she is doing brilliantly! No chemo in 3 months and her cancer remains stable. She is looking and feeling great! She had a strontium injection a couple of weeks ago and this is supposed to target her bone metastisis. She has a lot of them in her pelvis and lower back. It takes 4 weeks to feel the results, so fingers crossed.

(wow, I just realized that this post is very "church newsletter"-like. Weird.)

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