Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Introducing the Graffy-Gram

I've decided to let Tony Graffanino, former Red Sox utility guy, become the official GFT02145 ambassador and messenger of Red Sox news.

Hello, boys and girls of Red Sox Nation. I'm Tony Graffanino and here is my first ever Graffy-Gram. I am here today to deliver a few brief reminders.

1. The Red Sox are indeed 8.5 games ahead within the AL East and they possess the best record in Major League Baseball. Both leagues, guys. Got it?
2. The Yankees continue to suck this year. Don't let anyone fool you - even with the addition of fat, old Roger Clemens, the Bronx Bombers are going to, at best, limp their way through the regular season. The best hitters in the world can't throw strikes. I've played in the majors, therefore I am a credible source.
3. Maybe Dave McCarty gets to sit pretty with Tom Caron for pre and post game shows, HOWEVER, he doesn't get his own regular installment of news and uncensored fucking opinion, like yours truly here on Gibberish from the 02145. Ha!
4. The Sox have Dice K. The Yankees have crap.

Well, that about does it, folks. Stay tuned for my next Graffy-Gram!

*end gram*

A couple of words about McCoy Stadium - It's pretty sweet for a minor league park. I actually feel more comfortable there than at Fenway due to its intimate feel. I am also happy that they recognize one of my favorite Red Sox players of all time - MORGAN BURKHART - in a large portrait. They've immortalized others, as well, but the half-assed artist they used to paint them didn't dare attempt a crappy painting of Burkhart. Thank heavens. Whoever this artist is has some serious issues with proportion. They turned John Valentin into Mr. Mackey from South Park. Seriously.

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