Sunday, September 16, 2007

Game 2 | 9.15

Now, that's more like it.

Jere and I sat in his usual section 43 bleacher seats and I forgot my stupid binoculars. There were a group of guys from New York in back of us - really obnoxious, older type Yankee fans. They started cheering for the Yanks normal-style, initially. Then, as the Sox started heating up, their shouts became nasty. Stuff I won't repeat. You know, if I went to Yankee Stadium and started making similar remarks against the Yanks, my arms would be sliced off. And the security guards would just nod and wink at the people holding the chainsaw. They got all upset when the "Yankees Suck" chant began after Wang hit Youk. Even I joined in on that one. They thought we were a bunch of "big babies," etc. I didn't look back and say anything to them. I waited. I waited until the 3rd out was recorded and Beckett took the mound again. Jeter was up. I dared Josh to bean him - very loudly, I might add. It would have been perfect. Instead, Josh hit Giambi, my #2 pick. You can always count on Josh to retaliate. I wish it were Jeter, but I will consider it even with the fat, sweaty, steroid-infested reptile. Not to state the painfully obvious, but I hate the Yankees and I hate Yankee fans. I really wanted to bang all of their heads together ala The Three Stooges. Jerks.

The Sox played marvelously and though I was sad to see Youk leave the game, I was excited that Tito had the where-with-all to put Ellsbury in by moving Hinske (who was terrific, by the way) to 1st. Ellsbury is crazy hot right now and if I were the skipper, I would be carving out ways to play the kid every day.

Very glad that we took the momentum back. Very glad indeed. Tonight's match-up ought to be a fun one to watch. If a fight breaks out, it will happen tonight.

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