Saturday, August 25, 2007

Hot Stove

For the Hot Stove, Cool Music concert goer, there are always surprises. Last year, because of torrential rain, they brought the concert inside. We were standing in the right place at the right time, I guess, because we managed to watch the entire thing in the front row. It was muggy and a little uncomfortable, but still pretty sweet.

This year, the stage was set up facing the bleachers. Kay Hanley's band played, followed by Buffalo Tom. But this time, musicians kept weaving in and out of the act like that Victorian-style line dancing. Theo played, then a few others joined and pretty soon there were about 12 people on the stage jamming it out to old classic rock-style tunes. Songs that don't normally float my boat sounded pretty cool all of a sudden. Kate and Buffalo Tom paired up for an interesting cover of Blondie's, "Dreaming is Free." The show was then topped off by modern day Otis Redding, John Legend. He really sexed things up and got the crowd on their feet. Totally professional. Not one note was off. Not one beat missed. It was a real treat.

We sat up in the Dunkin Dugout for Legend.

Our new neighbor has moved in downstairs, evidently. He's from Iceland, so we hear. I've already developed some weird character in my head and true to the strangeness, I am hearing odd noises coming from his apartment. Like when the Tasmanian Devil spins around, but continuous. Maybe he keeps the world's largest bumble bee as a pet. What do you want from an Icelander?

I'm off to New Bedford to host my mother's bridal shower. It's actually going to be a tea party in a Bed and Breakfast downtown. My best friend, who lives down the street from the B & B, is graciously allowing me to take over her kitchen for the afternoon to make all the food (talk about Hot Stoves). I hope I can pull this whole thing off. Being an only child is so much fun! I love my mom to pieces, but this shingdig is setting me back nearly 500 bucks. I never realized how expensive these things can be when you have to rent the venue.


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