Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"Yes, I am that person."

Shocked Co-Workers View Jane in a New Light

Waltham, MA. After a lengthy commute in light rain, an office discussion revealed that 25-year-old Jane Doe, does, in fact, drive abnormally slow during such times. Jane's receptionist was appalled. "I always wondered who was responsible for adding another half hour to my commute! Now I know!"

Jane, who has been driving since the age of 17, admits that the tradition of driving painfully slow in light rain or snow was handed down to her by her parents. "We had our share of honkers, but it gave my mom and dad great satisfaction to know that they were able to slow the traffic down to a reasonable speed. We were doing our share to prevent accidents." When asked what constitutes a safe speed on the highway during a sprinkle, Jane stands firm. "A 20-mile-per-hour crawl. Nothing more."

Jane also claims that she uses her tactics as a pedestrian. "This world moves way too fast. So, yes, I have to walk very slow sometimes. My goal is to slow everyone else down, but some people do get impatient and pass me in a huff. At least I try!"

Ms. Doe does not drive when the snow is heavy or the rain torrential. And all of her co-workers are thankful.



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