Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Recent Signings

I am a little saddened by Gabbo's departure (probably not as sad as he is), but our pitching staff is a lock now. Bring on the Gagne! I can't think of an appropriate nickname at the moment, though I will say that he has an impressive beard style. I find it amusing that he taught himself English by watching Will & Grace. Is he, like, the only dude currently in the majors with a full on French accent? Nuts! What a strange culture shock it must have been for him, going from Montreal to Los Angeles. (God, I hate L.A.) Lastly, I'm glad he got that Tommy John surgery out of the way a couple of years ago.

Also, and probably a hell of a lot more noteworthy, the Celtics are back in business. Now that (the much coveted) Garnet and Allen are working with Pierce - the C's have really their sured up their chances in snagging a seat in the playoffs.

Doc Rivers is totally stoked.

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