Sunday, July 29, 2007

I'll bet those golden tickets make the chocolate taste terrible.

Jere and I went to see Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory in SMELL-O-VISION last night. It was wonderful to see such a great flick outdoors on a summer night, but as for the smells ... not much for the ole snozzberry. Unless you want to count the guy smoking cigarettes behind us or the steady stream of mustard (which, I assume, came from a packet on the ground somewhere nearby). The folks who put this on get an A for effort. Unfortunately, I think that simple physics may have been to blame. It would have worked better in a contained space with the aromas shooting out of the ceiling or the walls. The ladies room in my company's building shoots air freshener out of the walls - I am sure that it can be done. Instead, there were people walking around with bright green wigs (oompa loompa style) waving big pieces of paper with dribbles of stuff on them at the audience.

Someone told me that when she went to a John Waters movie (I forget which one), they handed out little scratch and sniff cards. That's actually not a bad solution.

On the plus side, seeing the movie made me want to run out and buy candy straight away. So we did.

The Sox really made us sweat that one out. Against the Devil Rays, of all teams. The Devil Rays are like the the guys in Mr. Mom who try to keep Jack (the Red Sox) from winning Ron Richardson's (George Steinbrenner's) little obstacle course race. I'll bet that Papelbon's feeling good about himself this morning. Blowing Lester's win, and all. Anyone but Lester, right? The guy beats cancer, throws two awesome games and goofy ole Papelbon comes in and shits all over it. Way to go!

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