Saturday, July 7, 2007

Coco Crisp

I hope the old fart, windbag types who call into EEI and complain about Coco Crisp will shut up now. I think he's proven himself as being a valuable (and affordable) player for the Red Sox. The grand slam the other day pretty much sealed it. I know these negative types will still call in and demand that the Sox trade him for someone else. I try not to listen to EEI. Most of the callers and many of the hosts are at complete odds with me, in terms of my opinion on the Sox. It only makes me angry and frustrated to listen. I'm actually surprised that the "Should we re-sign Manny?" discussions haven't begun with a vengeance. I hear mutterings here and there, but it isn't in full swing just yet. (Incidentally, I think we should try to re-sign him, but I know this will be contrary to the popular opinion. I guess, unless we can make up for all of his production by finding a different solution, we really ought to go for the re-sign.)

My patience with Lugo is really running out. He's the one who ought to get shit-canned.

Here's hoping that the Sox will sustain their lead in the division after the All Star break!

In other news, I have (somewhat) recently discovered that I am either sulfite or histamine intolerant. You know what this means, people? That's right. No more alcohol consumption without asthmatic and sinus-related consequences. Nice. Mind you, I will not stop consuming alcohol. It's just become a lot more, um, "for special occasions only."

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