Sunday, July 15, 2007

I Said Baby, OH BABY, Can I Take Ya Home?

Jere and I attended the Brimfield Antique Show yesterday and in one of the tents, I saw a little crop of KISS stuff. There were several albums, including Hotter Than Hell. As a kid, I owned Double Platinum which was, essentially, a 2-album set of their greatest hits, up to the year 1978. It was my father's, actually, but he eventually gave it to me. He also owned both Alive! and Alive II on 8-track. Not really my favorite way to listen to KISS, but I am amused by some of the ridiculous things that Paul Stanley says live.

Anyway, since I've never actually owned Hotter than Hell, I never inspected the album cover. I studied it for the first time yesterday and learned that it has Japanese-inspired artwork and graphic design, including the text. At first, I thought this was some interesting version, meant to be sold and distributed in Japan, only. Not true. Since yesterday, I've learned the following (about the photography session for the album), from Wikipedia:

The album is also known for its striking cover: the front featured Japanese manga-influenced artwork, and the back cover showed individual band shots taken by Norman Seef at a wild party, and a composite of all four band members' makeup designs. Everyone present at the session (with the exception of Simmons) was drunk for the entire photography session. Stanley was so drunk he had to be locked in his car. Paul's drunken state can easily be seen on the album's front cover as it appears Peter Criss is holding him up while Paul holds onto Peter's leg.

I thought that Stanley and Gene were the reasonable, sober ones. This sort of shocked me a little. But, it is Wikipedia, which means that my grandmother could have written this for all anyone knows.



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