Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A New Acronym 4 U

How come no major league relief pitcher has selected Anthrax's "I am the Law" as their "exiting the bullpen" music? Clearly, that is a bad ass selection. Perhaps, when that very talented female pitcher emerges (oh, she's out there ... somewhere), she will adopt this song for herself. One can only hope that she doesn't pick some wussy girly garbage. I will personally go over the appropriate possibilities with her. "Monster" by L7 (or "Slide"), "Rebel Girl" by Bikini Kill, or "Suggestion" by Fugazi (if she prefers to be a little political) all work. Any others? "T.V. Eye" by the Stooges? "Run to the Hills," by Iron Maiden? Please share. I will put this list together to tempt said female relief pitcher.

I guess Tavarez didn't make the roster. This bothers me a little. Yes, I am biased because of the day I gave him directions to his house, but more because I think he really earned it. Who would have thought he would be the team player he's turned into? I'm not saying he's the answer to our prayers, but Snyder to start? I guess the translation here is: everybody starts that day. Seriously, if Synder starts to shit the bed right away, Tito is going to run right through our relievers. PLP (Pot Luck Pitching).

It's so hard to concentrate today!

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