Monday, May 19, 2008

Ocean State

After that exhausting, but incredibly exciting 7 game series, I hope that the Celtics advance to the big show. I still can't believe they've made it this far. Paul Pierce was just incredible. 42 points, all by himself? I think that was the number. He was definitely in the zone, making all of his shots and the whole team displayed tight defense all game long. It's a tough break for Cleveland, but the Celtics are so deserving. I just hope that they aren't too pooped out for the series with Detroit.

Well folks, we are officially moving to the greater Providence area in September. This decision was made so that I can be closer to my mother's house. We have a very helpful real estate agent and I feel really good about this move. I will still commute to Waltham 4 days a week. We begin looking at properties next weekend. I have to get pre-approved before the weekend. The prices are really good and I don't anticipate any bidding wars, so we should be able to snag a sweet deal. I am hoping to have a large, usable basement to turn into a workshop for my soap business. I will need a sink, electricity, lots of available space and a refrigerator. I will miss Somerville miserably.

Mom update: She's had her 4th dose of chemo. At this point, she's fatigued 24/7. And she's really weak. At least she's in a position where she can continue to sleep as she needs it, totally uninterrupted. But I'm sure it's frustrating for her to not really be able to accomplish much on a daily basis.

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