Saturday, January 6, 2007


I was perusing this week's Phoenix, when I saw a listing for Bronson Arroyo at the Roxy on January 13th. I think it's very sweet that he cares enough about the fans to come all the way back here in the winter to play a show. Maybe he missed the chick from Northeastern. Who knows? I'm just psyched that he'll be stopping by.

Also interesting - the Missing Persons are playing the Middle East tonight. I'm a little tempted to go check them out, but I am also sort of afraid of what I might see.



Blogger Jere said...

Bronson's also playing Mohegan Sun on Thurs and Fri night. He's doing a meet and greet afterwards. So people can tell him how much they enjoyed that Creed song AGAIN. Ha.

I just read an article where Lenny DiNardo--who played last night at the Hot Stove thing--claims he's really not that good at guitar and is way more nervous playing live than pitching. Okay, fine. But then he goes on to say that the bass player gives him signs as to what note to play! If he leans back, that means B-minor. What? I'm no YingYang Malmsteen, but when playing live in my old band, I at least knew what notes I was supposed to be playing (even if I couldn't give you the names of them). If I hit the note wrong, I'd just slide up or down the neck. "Oh, that sounds too low, whoops, sliiiide up til I hit the right note." What's so hard about that? When Lenny's singing in his car, does he have to follow along with the songs with some kind of guide? This isn't stuff you need to study music to figure out.

January 8, 2007 at 10:18 AM  
Blogger 02145 said...

I know nothing about playing guitar or anything musical for tht matter, but what you are saying makes sense. To my uneducated brain.

I wouldn't mind meeting Bronson, but if I have to tell him how good his music is, then I'll pass.

January 8, 2007 at 2:27 PM  

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