Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Kick 'Em in the Grill, Sullee

I have become terribly engrossed in the VH1 series Ego Trip's (White) Rapper Show, hosted by former 3rd Bass hip hopper (turned radio show host) MC Serch and Price Paul. I am rooting for Sullee (the kid from Boston), but he is not making it easy for me. You see, in each episode they split the rappers up into 2 teams and present them with a challenge. The losing team is faced with the elimination challenge and Sullee always winds up on this team. He's a gifted rapper (meaning that his words have pretty deep meaning and his arrangements are decent), but he always draws a blank during his elimination challenge rap. In fairness, the losing team is given (what seems like) next to no time to write and memorize the rap. Anyway, it usually comes down to him and someone else and so far, he's been lucky. You can also tell that MC Serch KNOWS that Sullee is super talented. He's like the teacher who understands the potential and can't get over the "drawing of the blank." It's Baton Rouge, Cindy!

Persia, my other favorite contender, is fantastic. A woman, for starters. A natural, for whatever comes after starters. I am pretty sure that she's going to win the whole thing. She's confident and her performance appears smooth like butter. She's got a great singing voice, too. $hamrock is another favorite of mine. His face is super busted up and it looks as though he replaced his front teeth (presumably knocked out) with gold/silver ones. He is a vision.

When this "raps" up, I hope that VH1 does a (Black) Rocker Show, hosted by Vernon Reid. Imagine how cool!



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