Sunday, May 25, 2008

First Road Win!

The Celtics came out with both barrels loaded last night! They beat the Pistons 94-80. They kept a 10-15 point lead consistently. They kept their composure, even though there was at least one instance of funny business. Kevin Garnett was forced into his 2nd personal foul because one of the Pistons grabbed his arm (very clear in the replay) and tried to pull Garnett down to the floor. Garnett yanked his arm back and a foul was called on him. He was a little shocked, but he let it go. The C's proceeded to answer for every point scored by Detroit. It was the compete opposite of Game 2. I guess the Pistons have learned what the Celtics are capable of.

We are looking at 6 properties today. I can't wait!

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