Monday, July 14, 2008

Leeny and Steve - Be Nice

So, I thought I would do some shameless promotion for two of my friends: Ilene Altman AKA Leeny and Steve Equi AKA Steve. They just put out a fabulous new CD of children's songs entitled, Be Nice.

The songs are super witty, smartly written tunes, sure to get your kids (or kids you might know) tapping their little toes. It's a nice alternative to the crap that's out there (speaking of, one of my favorite songs on the album is Stinky Diaper). Well, as I have no experience with the children's market, I can only assume the music is crappy. But I do know this: Leeny and Steve's CD is the bee's knees! The crown jewel of the children's music world!

Warning: Don't be surprised if your child or the child you know begins eating their fruits and vegetables after listening to this CD. You might find that said child begins to demand quiet time as a result of exposure to Be Nice. If you prefer loud, sugar-hyped kids, this CD is not for you.



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