Thursday, October 16, 2008


I've had the occassion to live in the greater Philadelphia area twice. Once, a stone's throw from the infamous "Rocky Balboa" art museum steps. During my second go, I became quite a fan of the Phillies. They are a pretty likable team, overall. When Ryan Howard joined the club, I swooned. I am still a little in love with the guy and I'm really pleased that they are going to the World Series.

Here's where I am torn, of course. If the Red Sox can manage to string together 3 more wins, then they'd be going, too. I understand just how unlikely this is, even though the '04 and '07 WS victories were won when their backs were up against the wall in the ALCS. Big difference, though. In '04, the Sox were playing a Yankee team that was showing lots of wear and tear. Determined not to experience a repeat of '03, the hungry Sox wound up advancing. Last year, I am not sure what happened, but the Sox were so much better than a team falling behind in a series with Cleveland. Seriously. This year, these Rays mean business. And it is not a convenient time for Beckett and Lester to poop out.

Jere and I will be at the game tonight. I hope the Sox can squeak out a win. If not, I'll be pulling my old Phillies t-shirt out of my closet and rooting hard for them.

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