Monday, April 9, 2007

Just Schillin'

I knew that Curt was going to be back to his normal work-horsey-style self last night. A man doesn't lose the season opener so shittily only to lose again. No, not Curt Schilling. I pretty much figured he could think of nothing but winning his second start of the year ever since the moment he was yanked during game one. Maybe he did it for Jesus, being that it was Easter and all. Who cares who he did it for? He helped us win the game, which is what we freaking needed.

Pap lived up to his expected Pappy goodness. Baseball Heavy commented on Jere's blog that he (Pap) looks an awful lot like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man when pitching. JS, if you are reading this, I must tell you that I agree wholeheartedly with your comparison. And quite frankly, I'm a little surprised that Jere didn't bring it up himself, being that he's such a huge Ghostbusters fan!

Speaking of Jere, he and I watched the Sox lose miserably on Saturday from The Riviera Cafe (Red Sox bar in NYC) before popping in to see a midnight showing of Taxi Driver. I can think of nothing else but the old Helmet/House of Pain song (Just Another Victim) when I hear the title of that film. It was my first time watching it (yes, it's true) and I am glad I saw it on the big screen. Scorsese (whose birthday is the day after mine and Lugo's, and the day OF my friend, Bill's) really captured the finest of details with his camera. The cracks in layers of paint on the walls of Dinero's apartment, the black dancing flecks of something in his alka seltzer. It was amazing. Also, I can't believe how badly Vince Gallo ripped off one of the scenes from this movie in Buffalo 66. But I still love Buffalo 66.

One of my workmates and I went halfsies on an office radio so that we don't miss any more of these nonsense afternoon games. I hope it's in tomorrow!

P.S. Imus is a complete a-hole. I can't believe he said what he said.


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