Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Game 1

Dice K pitched alright last night. The problem is that Pettitte pitched better. Damn that guy. (I noticed that he's packing a little junk in the trunk these days. Looks good on women. Not on men. I feel bad for dudes who carry butt weight. It's very jarring to see. I also found out that he's of French and Italian decent, which explains his good looks. Bad eyes, like a gypsy.) Manny's error was difficult to watch, but not as painful as Johnny Damon's home run. Oh, well. We got it out of the way. We were due for a loss, unfortunately. I would rather lose to Pettitte than to Clemens. We should be able to see most of tonight's match up, if we can hustle back home after our softball game. Speaking of which, it would be nice to win a softball game. Or at least not lose so badly. Wish us luck! (I heard last week that a team can't be mercy'd during the regular season. Ugh.)

It's pizza day, here at the office. I love it when they treat us like this. Conveniently, I used my last dollar on coffee this morning. They sometimes get pizza with breaded eggplant. It's wicked good.


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