Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Frostbite is Ovah

First things, first: My mother is officially married. Hurray! The wedding was a success, though the stereo system didn't have quite the punch we anticipated. I was not only the maid of honor, but I was also the DJ. My mom was outfitted in a beautiful chocolate brown gown with very tasteful beading. My dress was complimentary to hers in color, but I feared that it was a little "Dancing With the Stars" in style. Definitely not something I would throw on for another occasion. It might be fun to wear it to the beach sometime, though. Speaking of waves, she and her husband are currently enjoying the splendor of Niagara Falls. A fitting honeymoon for an older couple.

Second things, second: Our softball team lost its one and only playoff game. My legacy to the team will be getting an out at the plate last night. I've been catcher since I blew out my quads earlier in the season. We managed to get a well hit ball in very quickly, then nabbed a dude at home when he clearly should have held up at third. He was one of those show-off types, too, who come to play co-ed recreational-level softball all decked out in professional baseball gear. Serves the guy right. He was also his team's base coach and kept yelling out offensive things about our pitcher - my good friend, Anne. Anyway, they won. A common response to the question, "What's the score?" over the course of the season was, "a lot to a little" and we all knew who had the "little." It was a fun season, though. At least we don't have to continue through the playoffs in the freezing cold weather. Although it's been unseasonable warm, I hear it's going to get chilly soon.

Third things, third: I may be going to a play off game on Friday night. Stay tuned!

Last things, last: I got tickets for Henry Rollins on Sunday night. Spoken word performance. Should be interesting. I will be sure to criticize him for his recent tire commercial voice-overs.

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