Friday, November 9, 2007


That's Soap + Update for those not in the know.

I got my glorious scents last night and WHOA does this wholesale fragrance manufacturer know their business. I am thoroughly impressed with all 20. I actually had dreams last night that my lack of scientific experience caused my first batch of hot process soap to fail miserably. I am hoping for the best in my waking life.

I am now waiting for the lye to arrive. And some dyes, a professional-grade mold and a slicer. I did receive the containers I will be using for the body scrubs. Very clear basic plastic with aluminum lids. I can use any of the fragrance oils in the scrubs and the bath bombs, so that's a bonus. I would like to use the same for all so there is consistency and so that I might be able to bundle the products into sets.

Ahhh, soap.



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