Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Wait 'til Next Year, My Dear Jim

Some of you know that, ever year, I create a t-shirt in support of Jim Rice getting inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. And it has never worked. I decided last year, that I would not do it, hoping that his luck would change. Nope. I did the same this year, but mainly because I sort of forgot. Anyway, it seems that no matter what I do, poor JR gets snubbed. I am out of ideas beyond possibly sending out a mass mailing to all the sportswriters in support of him. This might work against him, though. After 13 hopeful years, Jim and his family have likely lowered their expectations. A lot. What choice do they have?

We had an evacuation at work today. Something evidently tripped the alarm. They blamed a vacuum cleaner cord. Anyway, as my coworkers and I stood a good distance from the building, we couldn't help but notice the folks who stood very close to the door. As if they knew it was a false alarm. And we even remarked about how smart and efficient this was, considering the hoard of people who would soon be making their way to the entrance. Have we learned nothing from 911? In "real tragedy" news, seems there was a commuter rail accident in Woburn today. Two transit workers died and other folks (workers and passengers) were rushed to the hospital.

From Boston.com:

MBTA officials said the tragedy was apparently caused by an improperly positioned track switch, the rail devices that move trains between various tracks. The faulty switch should have directed the commuter train on a track parallel to the one the workers were on, but instead sent the train straight into them.

Can you believe it? The workers heard the train coming and thought, "Ho, hum, it's going to pass right by..." Can't wait to hear the results of THAT investigation.

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