Thursday, February 22, 2007

FO Unwilling to Give it Up for Schilling

I really hate the fact that this has come up before the '07 season has officially begun. Selfishly, my biggest complaint is that this isn't right for the fans. I know that drama and baseball go hand in hand, but come on. Before we've even had a chance to get into things? Instead of watching Schilling take the mound or warm up in the pen with little warm and fuzzies in my tummy, I'm going to be thinking about his contract situation. Not fair! I want that to be the LAST thing on my mind. But, no. I wish it were totally against MLB rules for players to discuss these things publicly. And reporters should not be allowed to ask. Speculation and discussion are fine, but I don't want to hear about a difficult conversation between general manager extraordinaire and the man who put his health on the line to bring me and my friends a world series victory. Schilling pitches with his heart and soul. It's more than just a job and an ability to him. I don't want him to part ways with the Red Sox under these circumstances. It was awkward enough when Derek Lowe had to do (and during the '04 season, nonetheless).

Okay, so this is a business decision, right, Theo? Well, take a look out your window, son. Do you see a sea of great, capable pitchers out there? The last thing I heard, there was a drought. And droughts mean rations! Personally, I think he should be signed. Get it over with. But please, for the love of Mike, don't tell me about it.



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