Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Skull

Probably way too soon and premature for discussion, but it appears that Mariano Rivera is somewhat miffed (as are some Yankee fans) that his contract has not been extended yet. Some think that it should be addressed before spring training this year, but Yankees front office has stated publicly that they have no plans to do so until after spring training. Mariano will be pitching during his option year and I have to admit that even I'm a little surprised that Steinpuke hasn't done anything about it yet.

I'm sure this is all getting blown way out of proportion simply because it's Mariano we're talking about here. My baseball brain has never even considered that he could close for any other team. I have this idea that he's cemented a deal with the devil for life. I don't think I'm wrong. The Yankees would be pretty stupid not to give him the extension. They've got the bucks, after all.

Meanwhile, what's going on with OUR closing situation?



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