Saturday, March 17, 2007

The Morning After

Eeewww. Slush Town. Should be a fun walk to the coffee shop. Why I didn't buy those rubber boots in Northampton, I don't know. How will my chucks survive in this? Beyond that, I've got a few pairs of Mary Jane's. Did I not grow up in New England?

So, here are a few other pictures, while I'm at it:

My boys, Larry (orange) and Danzig (black). I had a very sweet cat for 13 years who died in his sleep this past summer. He was passive and affection. These guys would probably be spending lots of time in Juvenille court if they were human beings. But, in this pic, they look all sleepy and cute (because of the flash). Danzig, like many cats, enjoys a good roll of toilet paper. I tried keeping in a basket, smooshed between a bunch of magazines to deter him from grabbing it and shredding it all over. Recently, he created a procedure for getting it out. He's crafty. I'm now keeping it in an ice bucket next to the magazine basket.

Here's a cool snapshot from New Haven. I am going to paint this. Someday.

Likewise, with this one.

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