Saturday, March 17, 2007

Sleater-Kinney Is EveryWhere

It was "Sleater-Kinney Week" on the M.I.T. station's morning program, "Breakfast of Champions," which was cool. Last night, while perusing through some very old CDs, I discovered a random SK song. Now, as I sit here in the local coffee shop, there have been 4 back-to-back SK songs. Currently, they are playing a typical indie repetitive style song from a band I don't recognize.

I always liked that SK were ever-so-slightly off-tune. Do you think they did that purposely?

So, I walked here in the half frozen slop. It wasn't as bad as I expected. Jere told me that it was especially sloppy in NYC last night, so I was expecting the worst. I think this is where the colder than New York temps work in Boston's favor. It's not super, freeze-your-face-off cold, but it was cold enough to make the snow and slush easy to walk on. It is lumpy and crunchy, so slippage is minimized.

I saw a dude from my old softball team on the way here. He was shoveling out his car with his girlfriend. I remember now that it's too late for me to sign up for softball this year. Damn.

After this, I think I'll head next door to pick up a small lampshade. I need to replace the one my cats recently broke.

Why you need to know this, and how this is relevent to you is beyond me. I apologize for not having anything more interesting to say.



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