Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cy Young Update

What a stinker for Josh Beckett. He really deserved to win it this year. If post season play was a factor in the selection, there's just no way he wouldn't be the winner.

I am a little nervous about the Mikey Lowell situation, but hopefully this is just his agent taking the time to shop around and come back to the table with the Red Sox. I am guessing that if he gets a better deal, the Sox will be willing to add an option to the 3 year proposal.

If it doesn't work out with Lowell, which would be my first choice, I think the Sox should go after local boy Carlos Pena. He's really breaking out. Put him at first, move Youk to 3rd. The Devil Rays would be asking for a lot in return (probably pitching), so it might not be worth it. Who knows?

I am sick again. Not liking this one bit.



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