Saturday, March 1, 2008

Down 5

I finally lost 5 pounds. It's taken me nearly 3 full weeks of careful dieting and devout workouts and virtually no alcohol consumption. Boy, it sure is tough to drop weight as you get older! And I've still got 10 more to go! The good news is that my thighs are now ready for softball. And this year, we have the option of joining a new "work" league, which is different from regulation Boston Ski and Sports Club style softball.

Went to see the Celtics cream the Bobcats at the Garden last night. And I finally bought my Eddie House shirt! I love #50! I adore Garnett, too, but everyone has a KG shirt. Why must House take a back seat? What an amazing game! Rondo is such a joy to watch, too. Not amazing: waiting to exit the parking garage afterward.

How weird is it that the Red Sox signed Bartolo Colon to a minor league deal? A few years ago, this guy was the Ace to beat. Now, with an extra 40 or so pounds on his body, he is vying for a position in the pen with Boston. Life is funny that way.

Work stinks right now. Can I just say that? I am really dreading it these days, as I am working on a horrible and hellish project with a client that should really know better. The good news is that it will only be horrible and hellish for about a month.

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